A place that allows you to be inspired by the legendary Cretan Hospitality, Myrion Beach Resort & Spa gives you space to explore your senses and celebrate life through the notorious Cretan experience.

Myrion Beach Resort & Spa combines a rich level of services, invigorating activities and personalized vacation, all in a perfect synergy that satisfies the finest of tastes. The truth is that family values, professionalism, dedication, traditions, are all qualities that cannot be measured, they do not come with a price but they bring a value that defines one's experience.

Considering the Greek word "mirion", which metaphorically means a large, infinite, countless number, Myrion stands for all these immeasurable qualities and the immense experiences worth living, and we are honored to shape a grand Cretan Hospitality storyline that contributes to your extraordinary journey.



Just a few steps away from the Gerani sandy beach, Myrion Beach Resort & Spa sets a new standard to relaxation, comfort and aesthetics. Methodically designed to embrace an elegant lifestyle, a total of 112 rooms includes superior, grand superior rooms as well as junior and executive suites, providing the perfect background to your summer vacation in Crete.

With private or sharing pool options and a view of your preference, Myrion Beach Resort and Spa triggers your senses and invites you to explore the surroundings that narrate a story of nature, tradition and coziness. Modern, loft-style rooms, reminiscing Cretan culture and trading secrets with luxury, accompany you to a grand hospitality experience and an extraordinary, tailor-made retreat of leisure, comfort and light.



As taught by the Cretan culture, the dining of Myrion Beach Resort & Spa only serves dishes, treats and flavors containing the best of local secrets and family recipes. Start your day with an amazing, nutritious breakfast influenced by the glorious Cretan cuisine and enjoy lunch and dinner that suggest gastronomic experiences with mixtures of mediterranean flavors and pinches of international tastes. 

Choose among culinary suggestions that combine the rich Cretan culture, history and talent with a magnificent ambient with a cozy vibe, outdoor sitting and a view at the blooming gardens. Have a cocktail at the pool bar, with its elegant design, as the setting sun paints everything in shades of red and orange, creating a movielike aura at this beautiful time of the day. Ask for the bartender’s suggestions, and enjoy your drink in an intoxicating scenery, destined to seduce you.



Myrion Beach & Spa embodies the art of living well.  Indulge in the Spa experience we have prepared for you, where our trained personnel will listen to your needs and provide a customized service.

Try our gym and maintain your shape through a variety of options, either by biking, having a sweet breeze coming off the sea, or by having the personal trainer build and maintain your muscles and endurance. The innovative selection of our gym equipment will definitely keep you on shape, unless you prefer a more outdoor kind of exercise, in which case you can give a try to the tennis court, where a certified instructor will coach and guide you.

Absorb the sun and freshen up with a dive in one of the biggest swimming pools, or play games with your toddlers in the swimming pool for children. For kids, a light animation program is also waiting to stimulate their senses and create one of their first and greatest memories, in this summer vacation.

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