Elotel Hotels & Resorts started with a vision to be the ambassador of Cretan values through Hospitality.

Counting more than three decades, fueled with passion and inspired by the Cretan culture, Elotel Hotels & Resorts has developed three properties, having each one create extraordinary hospitality experiences.

Here, Cretan Hospitality is paired with decades of expertise in order to deliver services that transform into a bond, exceeding the conventional partnership frameworks. With respect to the guest unique needs and personality, tradition is married to innovation, inventing a new standard for hospitality and redefining the Cretan experience.

Being on holidays in Elotel Hotels & Resorts means unravelling the storyline of how Cretan culture, traditions and modern way of life have affected the Greek hospitality, by making you the lead character in this extraordinary Greek hospitality narrative. We consider it our mission to make your time of relaxation as rewarding as possible, and to transform your days in Greece into a story worth telling, an experience worth living.