There are several ways one leaves their footprint to the world. Elotel Hotels & Resorts chooses two ways, one being the shaping of grand hospitality experiences, drafting life fragments that become the best souvenirs.

The second way is being environmentally sensitive, conscious and active. All of Elotel establishments recycle glass, plastic, paper and batteries, doing their part in eliminating their detrimental impact on the environment. Energy efficient practices and equipment are used to minimize consumption of planets resources and harmful emissions. As for renewable energy, state of the art photovoltaic systems are used to generate energy destined to cover the hotels’ energy requirements. More than that, established heat pumps use energy that is being recovered from HVAC systems in order to heat water, resulting in eco-friendly heating and significantly less energy usage and loss.




In Elotel, we are aware that a hospitality installation of our range has remarkable energy demands, therefore hospitality could come with a price no one wants to pay. Sustainability and a green state of mind are crucial and mandatory to our operation and we consider ourselves, our guests and our partners, allies of the planet we live in.

In view of the above, our establishments have been certified with the Green Key Eco label, which promotes sustainable tourism  and aims to the prevention of climate change, taking into consideration environmental management, technical demands and initiatives towards specific Green Key criteria.

In addition, all Elotel establishments have been awarded with ISO and HACCP certifications in recognition of their outstanding quality of services and practices, illustrating Elotel’s strive for excellence.